As previously stated most of the information for this booklet came from his book "Buds, Blossoms, and Fruits of The Revival" which appears to have been written around 1870, about 20 years before his death, although the book actually finishes with his visit to Scotland which was in 1865. There is, therefore, little information about the last 20/25 years of his life.

It appears that he continued his ministry in this country until 1879, ministering as he had done in open airs, hall and chapels, or anywhere where opportunity presented itself, as well as Bible carriage work. He also did some lecturing work on a chart which he entitled "Ezekielís Tile."

Among those who were converted during his ministry were some well known names i.e. Dr Barnardo and the Commissioner of the Salvation Army, James Dowdle.

The last 10 years of his life was spent in Australia, where he continued working for the Lord until he died on 8th December 1889, aged 69 years.


John Hambleton wrote two books i.e.

1. Buds, blossoms and fruits of the revival.

2. The leaven of the last days.