John Hambleton of Liverpool

                                        The converted actor



John Hambleton was "a burning and shining light" and "a bold and fearless ambassador for Christ," ¹ to the people of his generation. He was described by Jane Radcliffe as "a lion like man for boldness in His Master’s cause." Many and many a time, she said, was the story of his conversion told by her husband, both in English and by interpretation, in other languages. His long weary journeys to proclaim the Gospel, and the work of Bible carriage in many towns, contribute, she said, a marvellous story of faithful and successful service, and the record of his life and that of his companion Edward Usher would fill a volume.

With regard to the last point made by her, it is a shame that no such volume exists. The book that he wrote, "Buds, Blossoms, and Fruits of the Revival," is simply a record of what God had done in his life, mainly during the period 1851 to around 1865, so that this only covers part of his life. The book actually starts with his arrival in Liverpool in 1851, when he was 31 years of age, although he does on a couple of occasions refer to his early life. I have not had, therefore, a complete picture of his life, so I have consequently only been able to put this together with incomplete information.

It is my hope, however, that the contents of this booklet, incomplete as it is, will be sufficient to inspire and strengthen the faith of all who read it, as it has done mine.

¹ Chief men among The Brethren – Henry Pickering